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Well we finally moved on Monday and although we can't see the floors for boxes at least we're in.
Having made sure that the place we left was clean, we had to start all over again this end. I don't blame the couple who moved out - they are in their 70's and the wife is disabled, but they do have a daughter who lives just about 5 miles away and I would have thought she could have at least helped them leave the place okay to move into. My daughter Anna worked so hard both Monday and Tuesday, but especially Tuesday as she steam cleaned the kitchen and it took almost all day, but I wasn't going to use it until it was clean. So thank you with all my heart Anna I really do appreciate all that you have done.
I can't wait for my other daughter Emily to come down so that we can enjoy sitting on the balcony drinking coffee - so pray for sunshine next week Em and I'll try to find the coffee machine.
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